Gong Yoo (공유)

Gong Yoo (공유)


Name: Gong Yoo
Date of Birth: Jul. 10th, 1979
Body: 184cm/ 74kg
Title: Actor
Hobbies: Watching movies, Playing the basketball, and Exercising
Debut: KBS Drama “School 4” (2001)
Dramas: MBC “Coffee Prince (2007)”, MBC, “One Find Day (2006)”, “Hello My Teacher” (2005), “20 Years” (2003)
Filmographies: “She’s on Duty” (2005), “S Diary” (2004), “Superstar Mr. Gam” (2004)
Awards: SBS New Rising Star Award (2003)


The long-legged, tall actor, is well-known for his easy-going manner, good looks, and fit body. But one thing that’s been bothering him… Gong Yoo is young-looking for his age and has played more than his share of high school students. Now, 30 years old, the star wants to move on and pass that stage in his life.

Pertama kali mengenalnya pada dram coffee prince, sangat berwibawa, konyol dan kocak. Tidak pernah menilai seseorang hanya dari covernya…:).

Saat ini dia sedang mengikuti wajib militer di negaranya sehingga tidak bisa bermain drama lagi. Padahal drama ini akan di layar lebarkan…hiks…hiks..

You force me to fall in love with your attitude.

Pilihanmu untuk mengemban tugas negara dari pada popularitas membuatku mengacungkan 1o jempol untuk Goong Yoo…Semangadttth..

Other his pic…:

2 Responses to “Gong Yoo (공유)”
  1. Ellen Harry F. says:

    Like him a lot!!!

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