My Lovely David Silva

Full name David Josué Jiménez Silva
Date of birth 8 January 1986 (1986-01-08) (age 24)
Place of birth Arguineguín, Spain
Height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Playing position Midfielder / Winger

On 30 June 2010, Manchester City announced that they had reached an agreement with Valencia over the transfer of Silva and that he would join the club on a four-year deal, prior to the start of the 2010–11 season. On 14 July, the Premier League side completed the signing; the player was awarded the 21 shirt.

On 14 August 2010, Silva made his league début, in a 0–0 draw against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane.On 16 September, he scored his first goal for the club, eight minutes into the Europa League group match against FC Red Bull Salzburg. He scored his first Premier League goal against Blackpool F.C. when he scored Manchester City’s third goal of the game.

He is Cute at All…

Togetherness of SILVA and TEVES

beutifull in play football and apearence, go..silva to bring out Man.City into The TOP of premiere league…*_*



Pic1: new Official fan page picture of, New Pic, New Strength..!!

Pic2: Silva celebrate a goal to Blackpool. a coolest goal ever and ever….love it so much.

8 Nov 2010…

David Silva is the Etihad Player of the Month for October after polling more than half the votes from Blues fans.

Fantastic of Silva

David’s skill and attacking flair has added a new dimension to City’s threat up front this season, and his fabulous winning goal at Blackpool doubtless helped his landslide win as he piled up 59 per cent.

Captain Fantastic Carlos Tevez, who scored twice at Bloomfield Road, finished runner-up to Silva with 13 per cent of the vote and Mr Consistency, centre-back Vincent Kompany, was third with eight per cent.

Lynn Robinson is the lucky fan to be drawn out of the hat and will present her hero with his Etihad award at Carrington training complex as well as getting the chance to conduct an interview with David.

This amazed first time on city like a christmas gift for silva

Silva is a good in personality. He look so enjoyed have a younger friend in it. You totaly handsome and suite to have a kid then. You never walk together with a girl, do you still waiting for me? Just have a cute one like this Silva:

Celebrate a player of the month award and together with celebrate christmas, have fun and enjoyed it guys….

Have you ever though how Silva make a card for give a christmas card. Who is luckyly person who get it???

Just guest who will be a winner in it? Is it micah or meaby jong and guest what kolarov did and make??? is silva can make it? need my help lads???


I’ve not vote yet, you’ve been a winner…

How ’bout I vote for this..??


By The Press Association (10-11-2010)


David Silva has warned Manchester United they will come off second-best in the Manchester derby at Eastlands on Wednesday night.

Manchester City go into the match in confident mood after ending a run of three successive defeats at West Brom, and the former Valencia playmaker makes his derby debut expecting to pick up a win bonus.

“This is a game we believe we can win,” said Silva on City’s official website. “This is a hugely important match for us.

“We know a victory would put us on the same points as they are. We are at home and will have our supporters behind us so the advantage is with us. We need to use the atmosphere and take the game to them.”

“I watched the Manchester derby as a boy and have always enjoyed it since. But I never imagined I’d be actually playing in it. I always thought I would play my football in Spain so this is very exciting for me and I am very happy to be part of it.”

United held the upper hand last season with back-to-back victories in the league thanks to late goals from Michael Owen in the first game and then Paul Scholes in the second.

City were left cursing their luck in the Carling Cup semi-final as well after a 2-1 first-leg victory. United, however, secured their passage to Wembley thanks to a stoppage-time winner from Wayne Rooney in the return.

Manager Roberto Mancini believes City deserve respect from their fierce rivals despite their 34-year stint without a trophy.

“Not just United, but all the clubs must respect the players and the history of City,” said the Italian. “In the last years, City haven’t won anything, but they have a good history.

“We have respect for United and we want them to have it for us always. The number of trophies [a team has won] isn’t important. Respect is more important.”

When City Beat Fullham



Silva take part on a celebration of city when they are take three point full on fullham stadium.

How fantastic of city? and how awesome of silva:

I saw that you cut your breast it’s show how handsome of you:

bring the ball carefully

Congrats for city!!!

I cann’t speak many more here. I just hope you will stay on your perform for the next match when you beat stoke city as you beat them before. Oh yeah I saw that you very convidence when you play out of your stadium, that so interested to watch up….Love you City, specialy for Silva…:))


On Wednesday 03 march 2011 when vs Aston Villa silva be a hero again by give an assist for Yaya’s goal. He also contribute a goal on 70 minutes match after Balloteli’s goal. So awesome,  fabulous, and fantastic. Congrats for City special David Silva.



Make more and more goal again silva, I do do do love You. He is never thought that his goal made by him self so he celebrate with other….

an Others picture of SIL-VALIN:


HOW Fashionable of SILVA:

Silva on gold edition of Man.City Official page part1 & 2

Silva on peeking something

From every side you look so handsome SILVA

Everything that you do is a fashion.

Hmmm..can’t say anything.

Luckyly it’s not a cat picture on you’re shirt, so you still totaly cute at all


Silva got to score in two match, it is so cruel. But as usually he always humble as he said:

He said: “You have to realize Carlos is a fantastic player first and foremost and it’s easy to slot in with him, and create an understanding with him.”

“I am happy to have done my little bit to help him be so high in the goalscoring charts, and if I can help him get a few more that’s great, so he can be up there with the leading scorers.”

that’s why I love him, never thought ’bout him self, be humble and be shine SILVA

Silva’s Goal and city win are dedicated to Kolo toure whose have any trouble about doping and get any punishment from FIFA. Love the way you thinking SILVA…^_^

“dave” Silva + Mr.Zab

“dave” Silva + Adam Jhonson

“dave” Silva + Edin Dzeko

“dave” Silva + Carlitos

“dave” Silva + Super Mario

He Celebrate his goal with his Team mate … how wonderful is it ???


Thursday 10 March 2011, 8:05PM

City must give up with ukraina football club dinamokiev (2-0). don’t know what matter is the reason but i thought it’s also because of the cold weather that Ukraina have, Silva used double shirt on it just take a look then:

It’s first leg. Keep on trying on second leg in City of Manchester stadium hun…I supposed all of you. Semangat, semangat, semangat !!!! go Fight, SILVA!!!

SILVA is a kind person who can melting each other. In a team he is so enjoy with other, Teves, dzeko, zabaleta, De Jong etc. Go get and build your new family there SILVA. It’s one of his moment closer with his teammate:

Well, we can’t catch Europa league trophy but in this season of footbal match city and silva of course grow faster then before…

On BPL it self City placed third position befor arsenal in fourth position. City only have different of goal number, insist they have same point with Chelsea in second position. With our noisy neighbour we left nine point. We hope will get better in the next season….^^

After city make sure that they will play in UCL next season they also must made a match with stoke city in wembly to get a FA thropy. As we know and understand that every final vacation is going to be nervous so Dave have his own trick to solve it.Want to know what is it?they we are…

How could you be seriously on Dora silva??? it’s make barry and joe super jealous to play on it. Just give it to them please, I will give you any other game if you came here look like unyil and usro asked  indonesian citizen…*Okh…dreaming…T.T

It’s Silva on blue jacket on the way to wembly,…is it coldy outside?

And..finaly the dream are come through, after 35 years we haven’t any thropys yet nowdays we be winner on FA cup, wanna know what reaction of dave when he take a trophy??? Let’s check it out…

Your smile 2x, make a star look like not shinning……*bruno says

I am pround of city’s steps this season, of course to the player in overall….see how they celebrate it:

In my questions is what you are doing both with adam Silva? are you crying ???..Hmm it’s look like a happyness cries..^^

In this year I totaly hope that every city’s player and management can perform better next season and can bring home a proffesional an valueable trophy to Our home again….Amin.

Silva in celebrate FA cup winner an promote a new jersey for away match in the next season

This is silva on bus parade to celebrate winning of FA cup….

are you scary on top of the bus dave??…i’ll bring u back to the bottom…how sweaty….

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