Sinus itself is an empty cavity in our skull bones (the area around the nose) are filled with air. There are several sinuses contained in our skull namely:

* Maxillary sinuses (cheek bone area)
* Frontal sinus (in the area near the eyebrows)
* Etmoidalis sinus (the area between the two eyes)
* Sfenoidalis sinuses (behind the sinus etmoidalis)

Sinus make our heads lighter skull bones (imagine if all our heads composed of solid bone without any cavity) and also serves to resonant voice.


Inflammation of the sinuses is often caused by infections, both viral and bacterial infections. In addition, allergic factors also play an important role in the occurrence of sinusitis this. Both infections and allergies cause fluid in the sinuses can not be streamed as well so that bacteria / viruses can grow and develop in the sinuses. Tempers sinusitis with various symptoms.
sinus morbidly contagious.

Sinusitis comes from the Latin roots, suffixes common in medicine therefore itis means inflammation of sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. In the vicinity of the nasal cavity there are four sinuses are the maxillary sinuses (located in the cheek), sinus etmoidalis (both eyes), frontal sinuses (located in the forehead) and sfenoidalis sinuses (located behind the forehead).

Clinically sinusitis dibagia above:

acute sinusitis
subacute sinusitis
Chronic sinusitis
The causes of sinusitis:
· Allergies (dust, udaradingin, cigarette smoke)
· Flu / fever
· Viral infections, bacteria, fungi
· Ashma
· Immune system disorders / abnormalities of mucus secretion
The symptoms of sinusitis:

· Sneeze, sneezing
· Itchy eyes
· Headaches
· Facial pain section
· Fever
· Nasal congestion
· Change the color of snot
· Pain when swallowing


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