Pesantren & Rock n’roll

“the first sinetron that so missed to be watched ever…” Me

Tittle : Pesantren & Rock n’ roll

Stars by  Ali Syakieb, Aulia Sarah, Ramzy, Wawan Wanizar, Ferry Gustian

Episode 1:

Wahyu Subuh is a Rocker who is always surrounded by his fans. Jeez, because of the gangs involved in a fight with an opponent, Wahyu must feel the cold prison cell. Luckily thanks to security deposit of Ibrahim, the father of  Wahyu, the young man can breathe free air. However, Ibrahim was already no longer tolerant of the act of giving of Wahyu.

Even Ibrahim considers the activities of Wahyuas Rocker does not promise a bright future. When Mr. Ibrahim know that Wahyu removed from campus for the third time, middle-aged man had no other choice except to send Wahyu to a boarding school in a very remote village.

Look like life in prison, Wahyu, of course, do not feel at ease and anxious to escape. Until one day, his wish had vanished due to meet with a beautiful girl named Nada …

Episode 2:

Wahyu determined to escape from boarding school . Youth who work as Rocker it feels to live in boarding schools such as being kept in prison. Jeez, just intend to run away from the pesantren, Kyai Abdullah and tone trigger caught Wahyu. Instead of anger, Kyai Abdullah even let Wahyu to choose to leave the boarding. Wahyu started to follow her heart, went from boarding school.

Problems arise when the Wahyu confused to find his way back toward the house. On the way, he was too busy to wonder to the villagers about the road he must travel to get to Jakarta. But that happens, Wahyu even more lost.

Consequently, the Wahyu brought back to the boarding Kyai Abdullah. When he got there, Wahyu immediately spilled her heart to the pique of Nada. Apparently, Wahyu accusing Nada has reported his intention was to Kyai Abdullah.

Episode 3:

NADA upset because he thought the report Wahyu about Wahyu escape from boarding school to Kyai Abdullah. Najib, chairman of the board boarding a crush on Nada, shit just do not accept, especially Nada crying over accusations by the Wahyu. When martial arts training, Wahyu and Najib was involved in fisticuffs. When Kyai Abdullah intends to punish them, a sudden revelation was picked up by his friends from Jakarta.

Kyai Abdullah then challenged the Wahyu to live and know the secrets that he kept to Wahyu. Unfortunately, the Wahyu is more vote to leave the boarding. It turned out secretly curious about the secrets of Wahyu that is stored Kyai Abdullah. Feeling challenged, Wahyu was returning to boarding school.

Luckily Kyai Abdullah would accept the terms of Wahyu with the young man must carry out all the rules at the Pesantren. Najib was shocked after seeing the existence of  Wahyu. Not unexpectedly, friends Wahyu suddenly appeared again at the boarding …

Episode 4:

ALDO, Openk, Rere, and Doni Kyai Abdullah returned to boarding school. Their arrival coincided with the time Wahyu was kidnapped by Najib for insulting Nada. Mean heart wanted to help the Wahyu, the four young men were even stray. Arman who knows the kidnapping of Wahyu immediately notify the matter to the Nada. Not wasting time, Nada and Bejo directly seek Wahyu, and found the young man bound by Najib at a tree.

Najib angry Nada seen behavior that does not educate. According to Nada, Najib should be able to make friends with Wahyu. They are then freed of  Wahyu. Rather than grateful, even accusing tone Wahyu posing as a hero. On the other hand, Najib was disappointed because the Nada is always to defend and pay attention to Wahyu. While he had only harbored feelings of love to the Nada.

Episode 5:

NEWS kidnapping that hit Wahyu also turned out to Kyai Abdullah’s ear. Indiscriminately, Kyai Abdullah then gave the penalty to tie the hands of Najib and Wahyu to learn and work together. Instead of the more familiar, Wahyu and Najib who was then in a state are bound together even more often bicker.

When the night after they opened ties, Wahyu and his friends are disturbed by the sound azan rebound dawn, then crept toward the mosque with the purpose of concealing the mosque’s speakers. As a result, religious activities in schools also became annoyed because the sound azan is heard by the students who perform prayers in the mosque.

Unintentionally Bejo, Fuad and saw the mosque speakers are in a room of  Wahyu. They also tell this to Kyai Abdullah. However, when checked, the speaker turns out to have not been there, so that Najib and his friends do not have strong enough evidence to convict Wahyu. Finally, Najib also formed an investigation team.

Apparently Najib and other students who do not know if  Wahyu and his gang have moved the speakers belong to the mosque to a safer place….

Episode 6:

The mosque’s speaker since yesterday searched , apparently hidden in the attic dormitory men. Unexpectedly, Fuad and Bejo arrived with a ladder to fix a leaky roof. Due to fear of getting caught, pretended Wahyu offered to help. But that happens, Wahyu even slip. Worse, the young man fell from the loft, hugging the speakers of the mosque.

No doubt, Wahyu was caught. For the offense, sentencing Najib ready qishos or cut the hands to Wahyu. Lucky Nada know about it and tell Kyai Abdullah. Instead, Wahyu must call to prayer at dawn every morning.

Rather than thank you, Wahyu accused Kyai Abdullah, Najib, and Nada just wanted to bully him. Wahyu ridiculing Nada in front of his friends. Nada who saw the incident was then accused of Wahyu as a coward for not daring to apologize in front of his friends. Later, the new Wahyu of Bejo know if the Nada that saves him from qishos* punishment.

* arabian

Episode 7:

Kyai Abdullah invites tadarusan on two o’clock in the morning to pray for his son Ahmad, who was the school in Egypt. No exception Wahyu and his friends. Instead tadarusan, Revelation and his gang actually play guitar in front of the mosque. Najib crazily just getting annoyed with their tantrum. Finally Najib and his friends decided to separate the Wahyu and his friends.

Najib called Mr. Ibrahim, who immediately ordered the employees who also graduated from boarding school to pick up friends of Wahyu It turned out Aldo. Meanwhile, the Wahyu  Armand slowly began to close with and teach him to play guitar. But when Nada saw them, Wahyu accusing Nada still want to disturb him.

Episode 8:

Najib felt that Kyai Abdullah treats Wahyu different from other students. Meanwhile, Wahyu was facing a test given by Ustad Daud. The young man was confused because all the questions in Arabic script are not understood by him. Ustad Daud gave Wahyu a chance to repeat the test next week, and suggested that studying Wahyu with the smartest students in boarding schools that is Nada.

In another part, Aldo finally arrested by Najib, Fuad, and Rohim. They then asked Aldo desire to return to Jakarta. After a while, Aldo remembered Nissa beautiful. He eventually chose to stay at the seminary. Aldo was escorted back to boarding school.

Wahyu came to a batik workshop and apologize to Nada. The young man then tried to kiss Nada. Inadvertently, Najib witnessed the scene

Episode 9:

Najib promised to always keep on Nada’s security, especially from disturbance of Wahyu . Not happy, even Nada was irritated because Najib was always interfering with his business. When Nissen disappeared, Nada was worried then speak to Nissa‘s mother by telephone. At the same time, Najib expressed his heart on the tone. That’s where the misunderstanding occurred. Najib thought the tone was talking on the phone was being answered expression of his heart.

Just awful Najib be ashamed. Especially the scene was filmed by Wahyu and was about to be uploaded to the internet. Not to be more embarrassed again, Najib told Fuad and Rohim immediately to stop the intention of Wahyu. While Wahyu and Aldo busy looking for Nissa, who was disappeared from the boarding school.

Lucky Nissa found by Nada and then pick up in front of the gate boarding . At that time, Kyai Abdullah caught Wahyu , Nada, Nissa, and Aldo break the rules at boarding school, which is prohibited from wandering at night without permission.

Episode 10:

Wahyu follow Bejo going to traditional market together with Aldo. They are buy chili and many other vegetables. Because they are going tired and hungry in a Warteg (Tegal Shop). Wahyu help a women who is her bag stolen. Najib being angry after know that his video is speared by Wahyu. Nada who isn’t know that is video ask to Nissa to delete it. Wahyu, Aldo, Nisa, Nada and Najib is come to Kiyai Abdullah to get a punishment because their fault go out of Pesantren in the night without permission. After collect information, Kiyai Abdullah decided to announce the punishment tomorrow in the majelis (occasion when all of people come into one in a mosque). In the majelis kiyai Abdullah tell about a bad guy who turn into good, and that guy is him. He announce that “the best punishment for a bad guy is not give a punishment for him”. Kiyai Abdulah ask to Wahyu to be an imam (sholat leader), and he ask he is not ready yet… 

Episode 11:

BELIEFS it has established Najib to get rid of Wahyu as a rival in getting the love tone. During a gathering in a room, Najib was increasingly convinced that Wahyu , the youth who had been making Nada turned from him, will be excluded from boarding school. Because his troubleing, in the form of mandatory sentence of Wahyu get up at four in the morning to arrange a tennis ball.

In the meantime, call Kyai Abdullah Ibrahim and asked the father of Wahyu that comes to boarding. Pak Kyai Abdullah Ibrahim was surprised because he was asked to come to bring home Wahyu to Jakarta.

Episode 12:

Ibrahim pleaded Kyai Abdullahfor another think his decision to return the Wahyu to Jakarta, because of Kyai Abdullah is the last hope to change the Wahyu becomes a better child. Unfortunately, Kyai Abdullah‘s decision was made, so that Mr. Ibrahim was disappointed but could not do anything. At four in the morning preparing to perform the task of Wahyu given by Kyai Abdullah with Nada, Nissa, and Najib to learn discipline.

Wahyu sure if he could do whatever Kyai Abdullah commanded. Wahyu confused when Kyai Abdullah announced that Wahyu will return to Jakarta, because her parents had arrived to pick up. Najib welcomes the return of Wahyu by preparing plans a surprise party for Wahyu and Aldo, namely giving laxatives in their drinks.

Jeez, the glasses were mixed up, so that Najib and confused Rohim glass which is safe for them

Episode 13 & 14:

Wahyu decided to stay at pesantren. So his family and Aldo leave him alone, he say that he want to learn everything there. But his decision is influenced by Armand and also Nada. He promise to Armand to teach how to be a good Rock singer. Nada lend any Ustad Danu’s book that will help Wahyu pass an examination. Nada see wahyu angry with Armand because of Armand couldn’t understand how to breath well on a singing. Nada ask Wahyu don’t do that.
Then Wahyu become angry, after that he don’t accept a help from Nada and throw out many books that Nada bring for him. Najib who see that become angry and Wahyu try to beat Najib. Jeez His hand being hurt and Najib ask its how he protect of Nada.
Wahyu angry and ask Nada to take care of his hurt hand, but Nada don’t want to touch him. Thankfully  Armand come to help Nada treat of Wahyu. Nada give any instruction to Nada and then Arman do to treat wahyu hand. Wahyu say that his hand treat by Nada to Najib. Najib being underestimate to both of them so he goes to report of this happened into Kiyai Abdullah…

Episode 15:

Kyai Abdullah chose to come with Wahyu him lecture in a neighboring village. Najib was initially disappointed. But after Kyai Abdullah said that Najib is the most pious young man and most worthy to succeed his Kyai Abdullah during talks go, Najib also receive and use the moment to approach Nada. Through Rohim, Najib send a letter to Nada. But that happened, instead of Rohim send the letter to Ayesha.

Najib invited to meet Nada bakda sunset. Aisha just crazily happy and borrow batik shirt Nada. Earlier, Najib seen Nada holding batik shirt, and really believe that the coming night is Nada.

When they met, Ayesha Najib backs who declare his love to a girl suspected of Nada. Aisha of course disappointed that Najib thought she was Nada. The girl was heartbroken.

Secretly Ayesha leaves a serious Najib being seduced “Nada“. And when Najib realize that “Nadahas gone, Kyai Abdullah passed. Najib told the Kyai Abdullah spontaneous that Nada is lost

Episode 16:

NO tired, Najib tried to approach Nada with a planned communal work in a neighboring village. Wahyu who knows that Najib like Nada , deliberately wanted to poke fun at Najib. When Najib invites Nada to lead santriwati community service, Wahyu deliberately Nada to bill promises to teach her. Wahyu emphasizes that promise is debt. Nada has also experienced a dilemma between community service and teaching of Revelation.

Aisha who heard Nada absent following the activities of communal work and then offered to replace Nada . Kyai Abdullah then asked Najib still perform community service along with Ayesha. Because to know if Najib like Nada , Wahyu trying to make Najib jealous.

Wahyu pretend to speak with a Nada in the dark. And Wahyu is talking by himself. Just awful Najib becomes jealous and suspect that Nada and Wahyu is really being alone.

Najib asks Wahyu away from Nada In addition, Najib asked the meaning of Nada for Wahyu. With a relaxed Wahyu says that Nada does not mean anything to him. Nada accidentally hear the narrative of Wahyu so that her heart hurt.

Funny part in this episode:


Kyai Abdullah Najib felt that treats Revelation different from other students. Meanwhile, Revelation was facing a test given by Ustad Daud. The young man was confused because all the questions in Arabic script are not understood by him. Ustad Rev. David then gave it a chance to repeat the test next week, and suggested that studying Revelation with the smartest students in boarding schools that tone.In another part, Aldo finally arrested by Najib, Fuad, and Rohim. They then asked Aldo desire to return to Jakarta. After a while, Aldo remembered Nissa beautiful. He eventually chose to stay at the seminary. Aldo was escorted back to boarding schoolRevelation came to a batik workshop and apologize to the tone. The young man then tried to kiss tone. Inadvertently, Najib witnessed the scene

28 Responses to “Pesantren & Rock n’roll”
  1. Syafiq says:

    what do you know about the real name of NISA?

  2. Syafiq says:

    do you know about the real name of NISA?
    tell me please 😀

  3. wilda says:

    seharus nya film pesantren & rock n roll itu jangan make bahasa jawaaaaaaaaaa semua harus nya biar film kalian itu bagus bahasanya dicampur mungkin bahasa padang dll.kalau bahasa jawa penonton kurang tertarik utk nonton………

  4. naniq says:

    lagu yang dinyanyiin wahyu buat nada yang ada liriknya mengertilah suara- suara gitu lagunya sapa ya? 🙂 makasi …

  5. Rita says:

    Ustad soulmate..dakwahnya ok,top

  6. barron says:

    kalau pake bhs padang, hbis syuting aktor/aktrisnya bibirnya pada monyong kaya Rohim

  7. pesantren & rock n roll says:

    ih…….aq seneng bgts……wahyu dan nada menukah…..lucu,romantis,tegang,…….coba aja klo jd beneran……kalian jadian dong…..kalian tuch serasi bgt…tau…..
    truz pesanten dan rock n roll episod nya di perpanjang dong……sampe wahyu dan nada punya anak dan cucu ….hehehe…..

  8. nani says:

    ali syakieb koq klo di luar syuting…jutek sh….sama aulia sarah…..
    koq gitu mang kenapa……pdhal kalian tuch serasi tau…..
    tetap mesra donk walaupun di luar syuting…….biar pesantren dan rock n roll bnyak yng suka lagi….

  9. aku pengen jadi pemain sinetron itu cita2 aku dari kecil. mudahan aku bisa ..

  10. shanti says:

    tanya dong, sponsor baju kokonya siapa y?? ok banget soalna, apalagi yg dipake mas bro… tq

  11. Lyla says:

    Aq sk bngt sm sntron ini cz lain dr sntrn yg lainx. Knflikx jg gak t’ll brt. Jd yg nntn sntai,,,lcu mlah. Tp ustadz soulmet x kmn?? Kngen nih sm tausiah2x,,,

  12. Rany says:

    Tayangnya jangan malem2 donk…
    Gimana kelanjutan crtanya?? Kak wahyu udah tw ngga klo kak nada hamil??

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    what kind of comment don’t understand….:(

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