Deutch: Lesson 1

All off this deutch lessons taken from I just wanna recorded what I have been learned over here….

In this lesson we will learn about greeting and The way of Introduceing our self to another people.

Before we talk in a deep lesson it’s truely important to notice, In deutch it’s very crucial when you are use Capital alphabet will have diffrent meaning when you use the small one.

It's uncasual of Hello

A. Let’s start with greeting…

hello = In formal way : guten Tag (it’s also mean good day);

In unformal way : Hallo;

morning = Morgen; so when you wanna say good morning : guten Morgen;

evening = Abend; so when you wanna say good evening : guten Abend;

good bye = Auf Wiedersehen ( It means ‘see you again’)

B. Now trying to introduce…

My name is Jeremy= Ich heiße Jeremy. (Ich : read by ih, ß : read by ss)

Your name is Jeremy= Sie heißen Jeremy . (Ich : read by ih, ß : read by ss)

To change a statement into a question, switch the verb and the pronoun. For example, to ask me if my name is Jeremy, you change

 ‘Sie heißen Jeremy.’   into   Heißen Sie Jeremy?’

Here is how you ask someone:

what their name is = Wie heißen Sie?

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