Deutch : Lesson 3

       Introduce another people (ex.your friends, boy or girl friends, etc.), what is that (asking about something), gender(make a differentiate about male and female), and the forms and uses of ‘the’.

As usually before we steps more far here we go to check about previous lesson. It’s the check points we make (just wriete):

– excuse me:

– how I am:

The German word for ‘not’ is ‘nicht‘.

– tell me you are not well:

– Who are you

– Do you come from Amerika

– I am coming from Kanada

– Good bye

– verry well

– not good

– Thank You

When you can answer any question that I have been made above, It’s mean you really understand with lesson 2. Now let’s start into Lesson 3.

            To say ‘friend’ you use the word ‘Freund’, but it’s common for people in Germany to refer to their

boyfriend as ‘mein Freund’. To avoid this confusion, when introducing your friend, you say:

‘Das ist ein Freund von mir’ (that is a friend of mine – male), or (das ist = That is, ein = a;male)

‘Das ist eine Freundin von mir’ if it is a female. (das ist = It is, eine = a;female)

Woher kommen Sie? it is mean you asked ” Where do you come from?”

 ‘Wer ist das?‘. Ask me ‘Who is that?’

To ask ‘Who are they?’ you say ‘Wer sind sie?’.

To ask ‘Who is she?’ you say ‘Wer ist sie?’.

 Notice the lowercase ‘s’ in sie? That is because the word ‘sie’ has multiple meanings.

‘Sie’, as you already know, is a polite way of saying ‘you’. With a lowercase ‘s‘, ‘sie’ means they and ‘she’


When you wanna ask about  relation about somebody with your friend so you can use:                                       –> Wer ist sie = Who is she?

                                                        –> Wer sind sie = Who are they?

When you wanna ask about name :

 –> Wie heissen sie = What are their name(called)?

 –> Wie Heisst sie = What is her name(called)?

The German word for ‘he’ is ‘er‘.

Das ist meine Freundin. It’s mean You wanna asked if somebody is your girlfriend.

Das ist mein Freund. It’s mean You wanna asked if somebody is your boyfriend.

You’ve probably noticed that there are different endings depending on whether you are referring to a male or female subject. In German, nouns are either feminine, masculine, or neuter. The word ‘the’ is :

‘die’ before feminine words,

 ‘der’ before masculine words,

and ‘das’ before neuter words.

Die, der, das. When learning new words, it’s a good idea to memorize if the word uses die, der, or das.Examples:

‘Hund’ (dog) is masculine –> der Hund

Katze‘ (cat) is feminine.–> die Katze

flower is ‘Blume‘, and it is feminine –> die Blume

The word for tree is ‘Baum‘, and it is masculine.

The word for house is ‘Haus‘, and it is neuter.

Remember ‘ein Freund’ and ‘eine Freundin’? Ein, eine. You use ‘ein’ for ‘der’ and ‘das’ words, and ‘eine’ for die words. Mein mean My (owner).

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