Deutch: Lesson 5

               Today we will finish learning pronouns (I, you, etc.), and start to learn about eating, drinking, and telling people what you like.

The German verb ‘to like’ is ‘mögen’.

To say ‘I like’ you say ‘Ich mag’. Say the German word for ‘like’ (remember, you can type oe instead of ö). 

The German word for ‘salad’ is ‘Salat‘.

When you wanna asked somebody if you like salad  –> Mögen Sie Salat?

To ask ‘Do they like salad?’ you say ‘Mögen sie Salat?’.

He like salad you say Er mag Salat

Does she like salad you say Mag sie salat

‘We like salad.’ you say ‘Wir mögen Salat’  (We = Wir, We followed by verb)

To say ‘You like salad’ reffering to the speaker and someone else you say ‘Ihr mögt Salat. ‘Ihr’ is informal, and you use it with friends and people you know.

German has a verb for ‘would like’‘möchten’. To say ‘Would you like’ you say ‘Möchten Sie‘.

The German word for wine is ‘Wein

To say ‘I would like wine’ you say ‘Ich möchte Wein‘.

To say ‘You would like wine’ you say ‘Sie möchte Wein‘.

To say ‘You (plural-informal) would like Wein‘ you say ‘Ihr möchtet Wein‘.

As you’ve probably noticed, conjugating verbs is complicated. And it gets even more complicated because I’m about to teach you another pronoun. But don’t worry – it’s the last one. So far, when you say ‘you‘, you have been using ‘Sie’, which is the formal form of the word. In German, when you are speaking to friends, family (unless your family is very strict)… anyone you know well, you say ‘du’. Just remember that if you want to be polite, use ‘Sie’, and if you want to be casual or friendly, use ‘du’.

He would like wine –> Er möchte Wein.

Would you like wine? –> Möchtet ihr Wein?

Would they like wine? –> Möchten sie Wein?

Do you like wein (group-formaly) –> Möchten Sie Wein.


“This is the end of this lesson. Exactly make me confuse so repeated more then twice to make sure you can step to the next lesson”

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