Save You’re PC Self

Some body who work with PC (Personal Computer) everyday will need their PC work well every time. One of disturbed thing on our PC is virus. Virus will installed to our PC in the time when we installed a new program or maybe run a disk drive into our PC. I have several manual ways to prevent it or trying to waste it. They are by making a restore point and turning off the autoplay of your portable drive. I will try to describe it below.

A. Make a Restore Point

Restore point is a way to make a point on our PC back to the condition before we are installed a new programme. This program come from our windows who provide restore point. We just made restore point by following this ways :

Windows start –>All programs –> Accessesories –>System tools –> System Restore. This detail steps will be shown on figures below:

Picture 1. Start System restore

After you click that icon you will see this picture:

Picture2. Create restore point

 The next step is create a restore point by choose “Create restore point” option. After that, just push next > button and you will show this kind of window:

Picture3. Named Restore Point

An other steps to made it you just make a restore point name to describe about a restore point you have been made. On this step I usually use date to describe. When you have finished with this step you will see this kind of window:

Picture4.Finished Create restore point

When all steps have been made that means you have finished and create a new restore point. We can activate our restore point when we feel any new viruses come and disturb our PC. Just follow all of steps of picture1 second step, picture two just select “Restore my computer to earlier time” so will come this kind of window:

Picture5.Select Restore Point

I suggest you to make this protection when you have installed a new programme on your PC. Hopefully it can be first aid for our PC. Just select a restore point as a date of a new virus attacked your PC.

Create a restore point is not only the way to prevent a new virus installed into our PC. This way also can waste a virus by restore our PC into specific condition. We have another way to prevent our PC from viruses, that will be explained on a passage below.


B. Turn Off Autoplay

 As first discussion this preventive programme also belong to windows you have been installed. So, you are not need download or installed it separately. We use this way to prevent an autoplay a new drive so we can scan it before use. This is the step to turn off auto play system of your computer:

 Picture6.Start Run

It is easy way to come into “RUN” programme. Just start with Start window then continue with click “RUN”. So will shown as picture below:

Pictur7.Run window

 After a run window is come just write “gpedit.msc” on the open menu. After you finished it, just continued with “OK”. If this step has been done will appear this window:

Picture7.Group polecy Window

 When group policy window have been opened you just open the computer configuration –> system and scroll down into turn of  auto play then do the right-click, will be show as a window below:

Picture8.Take a look on properties

After we make a right-click on a turn off autoplay then click properties. so on your window will be appeared by:

Picture9. Turn off autoplay properties

In this step, if you wanna turn off autoplay just select enable option. Beside that you also can choose do you wanna turn all drive or not.

It is all that  I know about save manually our PC. Will be pleasure if you wanna give me any additional to improve my knowledge here….^_^

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