Balotelli on My eyes..



  I give my idea here isn’t mean asked every act he made is something right. I just wanna make it clear, we must not judge someone is worth just because whole of the world asked the same. It’s also not because I am a citizen.


Between a Saint and Sinner

  I will start my view about this 21 years old of Manchester City football player by an accident that happen on super big match (City Vs Spurs on sunday, 24th January of 2012). He is a hero who is save Man.City on top with three clearance point from United. But beside he made a controversial act which is kick scott Parker face. 

Pic1.Ballo try for apologize

My  points of view are:

* in that condition Mario on imbalance position –> how could you thinking clearly what will you do when you are on that position.

[I have an experience in accident when I could make a good decision so I make a step which is dangerous an other person then my self, because the limitation of thinking time]

*don’t run the video in slow motion.Why? because in slow motion its will be worth but actually it’s happened in a short time not in a long time

*Mario trying to get an apologize from mr.parker its mean there are a good wanting from Mario. –> When you on the position and thinking that you are right it will be difficult to looking for a forgiveness.


Red Card after 15 minute in

He is a temperamentally person, its right.  It show on BPL first half when Liverpool vs Man.City get draw point, 1-1 in Anfield. This make Mancini feel regret to make he enter on second time. Balloteli looked like have been stamp as a bad boy so every revere saw he made a mistake will be easy to them to show a card…*so understanable

Pic2.Red card in 15 minutes in

This make 15 minute after red card city getting a hard game. luckily this is a time for Joe Hart as a goal keeper of City get many appreciate from all of the world about his save. He is truly savior that night.


Turn On Firework in Old Trafford

 It is the biggest “laugh” he made. City clash Utd 6-1 in Old Trafford. Everybody will remain in everlasting time in their live. When we wanna know who is actor in it he is our Mario. Actually it is not Mario if he didn’t make a show there, just take a look:

 Pic3.Why Always Me

This is the first goal in the match which created by Mario. He made two goal in six City give to Utd. He showed a letter “Why Always Me” which is indicated to every people whose always make him as a central of a bad view like a sentence he ever made in a public :

” If I bought Fiat Uno, people will say I more fix with Ferrari, If I bought Ferrari people will say I should be humble with buy Uno”

“If I laughed I will asked as un serious man. If I was not laugh they will say I as a rich man who is not enjoy the best job in this world”

In this case I agree with David Silva who is say:

 ” In football we truly need this kind of man, when the condition going into over serious he wanna joked”.


Firework at Mario Home before Old Trafford 

 This is a news which is spread so hard before game is held. Mario house have been fired because he did it. It so hard to be understood. People make news without thinking.

A good effect is he choose as a representative of how to use bonfire safely.

Pic4. Ballo on Bonfire Champaign

I know if Mario is such kind of naughty boy but I think he also a smart one, He will not put on her family safe on that act. So after City win, he make an announcement about that bad news if a person who bring and play firework is his brother’s friends.


He help City to end the Jinx by Bet Everton

It is a game that unpredictable. Many people say city will could not break the jinx to bet Everton because in last of four years they alway failed. This statement be braked by our Hero, Mario Balloteli who enter the game when score is 0-0 suddenly change into 1-0 for city and for a while change into 2-0 for City winning the game.

What make me unbelieve is not only about city win over Everton but how Balloteli treat his manager after scoring look like a child who say thank you to an opportunity he get from his dad.

Pic.5 Thanks Dad

This is very melting me. He is very honourable of Mancini. This is a point when I think Ballo is a good enough to be eastland person and understand why Mancini want he is to stay. Thank you for a goal and thank you to be Citizen Mario.

Pic6.Happy Mario on Everton clash


 Mario is Loveable

In the first season of Mario in Eastland make many headline news. Mancini can proven if he could cover it well. First he ever fight with Adebayor, Nigel de Jong and the last is Micah richard.

In this time all of team mates can accepted well his team-mate uniques. It is because he just wanna get closer and make a joke with all of team mates but sometime his joke break his friend heart. This is how they express how Mario is loveable:


 Pic7.How Mario joked in a trainee time

Mario keep closer with Edin dzeko, even though their position always be changeable but both off them is known as agood team-mate. Edin ever keep on joke when Mario is can’t use a bib well.

 Pic8. Mario-Zab n Silva Celebrate a goal

Even though City failed in UCL but it is first season they keep on trying there. We  know every person could be in UCL with their past team but as a team in it is a beginner. So I think we could stay in passion to wait in next season.


 Pic8. Mario take a huge placed in clash 1-6 against united

It is a party in Old Trafford. I think Mario take a part there. Mario be the first goal scorer there. He also stopped carrier of De Gea (by the time after that game Utd is very rare to used him). Mario is very loveable here. The spirit is quietly higher then ever.


Pic9. He also closed with City’s Staff

This is sometime make me confuse how could this lovely boy be a point of several people whose saw Mario from a bad angel. You can see about his smile representative about his feeling in that place.

Pic10.Closed with fans

Mario not only closed with team-mate and staffs in Manchester city. He also closed with fans, there is will be a crazy and happiness time to met him. He ever come to school in Manchester and meet all of city fans there. How lovely of Mario.


 Huge Passion on Charity Show Who You Are

Mario have a huge passion in charity. Only rare person with high salary have aware about people surround of him. Example is He had an orphanage for deficiency children in Italy. He is never absent when City make a charity programs.  

 Pic11.Mario on Charity program with Viera

Mario ever asked in first season he is in Manchester City Patrick Viera is one who can undestand him well. So in his first season there Mario closed with Viera.

 Pic12. City hospital

In the end of 2011 manchester city team make a charity programme. They come and help some patient in a City hospital. Such a fun programme huh!


No Doubt His Loyalty

Many people on that time asked about Balloteli moved. He is never wanna move from City just because most of people there do not love him. Mario isn’t Carlos Tevez. His naughty is already diffrent both.

He belive except people whose hate in Manchester there are many people whose love him. It is proven after City clash of Utd he asked

 “ Thanks to many people who support him, and to manager to give him a trust

So even though he hate about manchester wheather, conditions and some of people wheose put any eggs (damn!) to his car he always asked

 ” I love Manchester City”.

Thats all too many reason why I asked ” We, Citizen love you Mario, Keep on forward and move in toward My SUPER MARIO”

Lates news of Mario Balloteli…

It is news come from CAF (African Cup) that Yaya and Kolo Taure take part on it. It is Yaya ask about Mario:

“If I could choose one City player to play for the Ivory Coast it would be Mario,” smiled Yaya.

“Whatever you hear about him is just newspaper stuff and I wish I had been as committed as him when I was his age.

“He is such a powerful guy and his concentration levels are unbelievable. He is young, so sometimes one or two things he does are maybe misunderstood but for me it is all part of his charm.”

“You cannot take away his quality on the field and in the end that is what really
matters” said Yaya



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  1. Andrea_citizen says:

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