Marriage, Infidelity and Divorce

I wanna trying give my opinion about three kinds role of life that todays be a warmly topics. Even though I am not ever did it yet, so lets you know any opinions from people who is see, listen and watch about it. Who is that ? It is Me..^_^.


“I Think I wanna Marry You”

Every body can be ever hear  this song, sound so nice and hopeful. I don’t wanna discuss about this song but I wanna discuss about marriage. In this time children grow so fast. They aren’t enjoy their truly life. Such as in a young age they make any relationship which isn’t suitable with their age. How terrible of it???.I don’t have any certain age of maturity of the person is allowed to make a serious relationship because “To be old is a certainly but To be mature is an uncertainly”.

In this side I just show that a relationship in immaturity age will only consist something unusual. The couple will only waste their time, energy and money  for something no adding for them. The effect we can show about marriage by accident (MBA) that usually happens. It is not all of MBA marriage will finished bad, but actually it’s something God not bless then because they force God rules. So, the effect most of them are finished in improperly wanting.

 Relationship on my mind is an effective time to a couple in understanding each other before marriage. So what must be do then? I have thinking about it whole of the time and I certainly could take many answer about it by watching, hearing as a third part of it.

First, in this time a couple should understand about both of family side. Why? Because a marriage isn’t only unite of two person but also their family and culture. It isn’t mean a couple with different family or culture can’t go marriage. Marriage is understanding about a different way of thinking both them well. It is use to anticipate one day both of them will not surprise about it, and not blame to an other with the differential both of them have. “Love is understanding each other less or more of the couple.”

 Second, a couple must decide what is the desire of their future in the next time. It isn’t matter if they have a differential desire as I say on first “Love is understanding each other less or more of the couple”  but we must understand if the way there is can walk side by side or can be supported one other. “So plan your couple desire as yours, and your desire as him.

Third, a couple must honour each other. If there are any differential in social status, salary, age,etc. Just make that as a various and make it as a colour of your life. A couple must try to discussed it first before will be late someday. Take a principe “We create in a different way, so will be wire if there no different”. No one placed a higher than other (I mean in an act). They must treat their couple as they wanna be treated.

Fourth, Love is an important thing then. I little bit agree with some word says ” Love will grow as long as we life together with somebody”, I think it not true at all because without love we can respect to an other in this live and sometime we can do first until third points. “Love at first sight” It simply I can’t believe at all.Why? In first sight love we just show physical not heart or attitude.It will be hard to moving forward. “Cyber love”, It some kinds of unbelievable, how could we fall in love with somebody that only copy a naughty sentences from googling???. “True love will come along, but first love is needed along”

Fifth, God is the most important point in every relation we make it, except in a special relationship. God bless will bring us into a happy life, God sincerity will follow our day and make it meaningful and colourful. “If a relationship based of God will run forever, otherwise will run a moment.”


Infidelity Me ?

A Basic of any relation is trust. If somebody can’t be trusted that will be any infidelity. I just conclude many causes of infidelity are our self.

Sometime we were not aware at all when we have any relationship with somebody we will forget God. We are infidelity of God here. If we have a couple just try to loving him or her just because of God. God always be our guide to choose a couple. God will not give us somebody with nothing responsible.

I have read many artist and ever hear many friends about infidelity. In their experience I have been learned that most of them are too much prise their couple then prise to God. They also indeed forget about meaningly. When this infidelity has been happened they will blame to their couple at all not mirror to their self. They try dig into deepest way about a couple of mistakes and never try to apologize it.

You and Me : End!!!

This is hearing wrong sentence that have an exactly meaning is divorce. Simple word huge effect. Some couple usually take this word as a finally solution of their problem. They make a reason if have not any fix at all. What’s wrong? Where is the love? a relationship that made in suddenly always end in suddenly also. A relationship that come in a wrong way will be finished on a wrong way.

Before we decided to divorce just think about our family relation?, Our children, if there any. The effect of divorce not directly come to us but people surround of us. That will be a huge effect on them. Family relation can be not good again. Children will be getting huge broken heart and be an innocent victim of it. If they could take a lesson there, they can grow well but if they couldn’t do that will be grown so bad. Who must responsible of it ???



All of us always think to have the best relationship in our life. So the key is on our self, because a couple is a destiny, but a relation is a probably. Our relationship is a process an along journey. What kind of journey you will make up?

The answer is depend of you…^_^

Pray to God, Hopefully God will always bless every steps we make and every decision we take.amin.

I think it’s enough to be Mario Teguh …wkwkwk…

4 Responses to “Marriage, Infidelity and Divorce”
  1. I think you are taking lessons from the journey of my life ..hahahahhahahhaha

    wes…jangan berteori terus…cepet dipraktekan…harusnya teori itu diambil dari sebuah praktek…yang disimpulkan dan menghasilkan teori…jangan hanya mengamati orang lain tapi cobalah…anda akan merasakan sensasi yg luar biasa…wekekekekekek

    Postingan yg cukup berkualitas dansedikit menghibur

  2. Bagus,..kayaknya sih,..
    Lanjutkan linn,..

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