Laboratories : Past, Now and Future

Laboratories are a place where we can practice a theory we have been learn. I know about laboratories since I have been Junior High School (SMP), Senior High School, learn in polytechnic till now teach in polytechnic.

In The Past Time… 

I was a student when I knew and entered a laboratory. I studied at SMP N 3 Purbalingga at that time. There are a wide laboratory beside canteen which functions as a biology, physics  and sometime auditorium. Even though only a laboratory but there very tidy and clean. Every student listened and did carefully every step of practice, they’re also turn back the tools into a place they took it.

In a senior high school, it was in SMU N 1 Purbalingga there are also only one laboratory that used to practice about chemist, biology and physics. In this place we can take and washed every tool we used easily. I am used to drink a milk after followed a practice because the teachers gave instruction to prohibited many chemist thing involve my body.

  >> PH (Pneumatics and Hydraulics) laboratory

PH is a laboratory to study a system with air pressure (pneumatics) and oil pressure (hydraulics). In this place students will learn in almost six months. Pneumatics usually aplicated in any industrial system that must faced a load less then 500 kilo grams. We used hydraulics when will be applied of load up to 500 kg. Hydraulics can be eassy find on a car washing system.

 >> CNC laboratory

CNC is Computer Numeralize Control. It is a system of controlling machine by used computer. We usually use some code such as G-code, S-code and M-code to make a cylinder move on X, Y and Z axis. CNC have familiar machine that used in many factories right now. This machine will make us eassy by control a programe that will be do by amachine.

>> Robotic laboratory

It is a place to learn a robotic system. How we can move parts from a place into another. robot also can devided a part by detecting the colours they have. This arm robots can clap a pen and write or maybe draw a shape that we teached before by program on a hand controller or computer beside.

>> Electronic laboratory

It is PCB Mill machine which is used  to make a layout of PCB. This machine will reduce many processes which actually needed to make a layout PCB. That means will reduce many time that also needed.

>> Automation laboratory

It is a laboratory that will learn about major industrial process such as, handling, konveyor etc.We also will learn integrated about PLC programe with all of process we have in.


Polman Astra

Some of Mechatronics Labs.

2 Responses to “Laboratories : Past, Now and Future”
  1. Astonix says:

    I like the picture of Automation laboratory.
    It’s look neat, but powerfull.

    The PCB Mill lab, I always dreaming make a PCB myself using this tool. Sounds cool! 🙂

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