You have to watch these “Blue” films

Hmmm, till this age I have watching too many movies. Young blue is quitly show up their fascinating points that have been emagine by peoplw before. This colour show up a beauty, power, love and awareness. Deep, calm and actually warm this is kind of blue will spread of their love to the audience. After me to look up all of them.  I am interested in such kinds of blue films here are they…

First is ERAGON

This is one of the animation amazing film I ever watch. The story line is about a young man name Eragon who has a destiny as a last dragon warrior. He found a dragon egg in a night when he hunt an animal . He can communicated well with Sapphira, name of the dragon. He also can use such kind of mantra. Eragon has a first mission to protect a verdemer from a knight king. In the war Sapphira is hurt, but with all of power Eragon have he safe him.

Second is AVATAR

This is second movie I have watch in cinema. In this animation the story is about a man who name Jake can walk because any accident. He has a twin brother that work in scientis programme on a blue planet. There, people divided into two-part, first is people who wanna take any mine and an other one who want to study about natural resources. Jake can be changed into blue people by scientist. One day he change and lost with his team and join with an original civilization.

Jake meet with Neyitri. She is a girl who is a daughter of tribe chief. She thought Jake how to life in the planet until how to drive a dragon. Jake understand about the people who rejected any destroyed to take mine. He backlash to attacked his friend and save blue planet by drive a legend dragon.

Third is SMURF

Smurf is one of a cartoon film which come in a christmas time. This cartoon tell a story about a children who have never wanna celebrate a christmas because he has bored. In every christmas he only get a hat from his father, otherwise he want to get a parachute or something which can make him flying. One day an angel come to him in adream and asked about what a valuable hat he got before. The hat he made is something a father made by love inside of stitching there. This film is finished until the children aware on his mistake and wanna celebrate christmas again.

Fourth is RIO


Rio is one of the name area in Brasil Rio de Jenairo. There are live many species of birds. Someday an animal thief come to stole many kinds of birds from Rio. Fortunatelly, blue birds which will name as Blu find by a girl call Linda. Linda rise the bird but Blu cann’t fly. Blu is the last male of blue bird specieces, Linda bring him to Brasil to find out the female one her name is Jewel which owe by Tulio. Both of them are trying to go out of a bird thief, very funny advanture….

Any other “Blue” films huh???



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