LOVE story is begin.


I am 27 years old *oh God thank you for blessing me till this age*

This is an age when I have promise to marriage. Since my friends asked me ” what age I will marriage? 27 always be my answer” You know why??? I don’t know sure.

I think it is because I am too late to be an adult so have no aware if this age is to old for several people, but till now I am still certainly sure if this is the age that appropriate to marriage. (*hehehe)

But the main question is with whom you will marry ? …a man who ever getting close to me asked me


It is mean maybe some people will see he is ordinary people but he have extraordinary love,

He want TOGETHER in happy  and sadness.

He is a man who love and respect his women as he respected his mother and sister.

A man who have any responsibility as a man should be, actually a responsibility to Almighty GOD, ALLAH.

He is make me closed to God

etc….Hwaaaaa to many description and qualification that I have …uuuuups


Shortly A MAN LIKE MY DAD..:)

an ordinary man who only graduate from Elementary School who love and marriage my mum who is come in from higher social status. He is ordinary in several people eyes but extraordinary on my eyes. He did everything as what man should do as a husband and father. Isn’t money he give, isn’t social status but LOVE he had for us.

Thank you DAD ure my inspiration in this Life, Rest in Peace, Hope GOD blessed you. Till the end of time I will very proud to have FATHER like you. I LOVE YOU.


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