It’s Place to Pray of Allah

“I will try to change The name of Allah by HIM because HIM isn’t mean man and women, HIM not a father or a son, HIM is one, HIM is my God”

11-24-11: ” Good morning, daughter”

HIM ever asked by Muhammad if a paradise is placed in our mother foot. It is with many reason she have in. She have a love for a daughter as long as street in this world (which is never ended), but sometime our love too short as stick. We can describe mother not only make us adult physically but also our mentality and maturity.

She is never bored to asked, “God morning, daughter” in every morning we get but have we ever prepare her breakfast this morning? saying hello?. Sometime it’s understandable because we not a parents yet.

We don’t understand when she angry, give us advice is a part of her love to us. She is my mother that ever getting hurt by our mistake. “I am sorry mum”


Thanks Allah to remain me about it, hopefully Your kindness and Bless always follow me and my mother. Thank You, Allah.

26-11-11: “Position and Responsibilities”

Sometime we thing a higher position will give us many advantages. It’s not exactly right, why? Because you have a big responsibilities also in a higher position you have. Example, when we child we just have a responsibility to our self but when we adult we have many responsibilities to our family.

This example also happened at work, when we higher position we also have a bigger responsibilities. A boss with his employee have different position so they also have a different responsibilities. An employee just work for a fabric, which is their boss must thinking his fabric, his employee etc.


This condition explains to me that what position we get from HIM, it’s not important but more important we must give our responsibilities in it.

28-11-11: “Learn from Eagle”

God always give new knowledge to us from everything in this world, from a death thing till alive one. Now let’s we learn from eagle that is very special.

As we know that eagle is a long life animals.  It’s can live about 70th years old. This animal must have any decision in age of 40th, when the claw grow too long and weak, the nib grow to long and disturbed, and the wing full of fur. It’s must go to the mountain in a 150 days first month it must pull the claw to the stone till grew the new one. After new claw grow it must be patient take out the nib one by one and wait till the new one grew up. After the nib grow it must break all of old fur till grew the new one. Now the Eagle will fly as a new young and strong animal.

This philosophy also happened to all of human in this world. If we want to change our bad thing before there are many steps must to do:

First, we must receive our bad thing before as a part of our life. So we can build our sureness and optimistic by throw everything bad and use it as a study object. Second don’t blame into condition and people surround of us in changing our life. There are called transformation.


Hopefully HIM want to bring us into something new, and good. Hopefully HIM wanna blessing us in every steps and decision we made. Amin.

12-02-11 : “Loyalty”

We understand that our loyalty to HIM need a trustworthiness. Loyalty is a way to get blessing from HIM. we do understand we can’t connect to HIM in a direct way. Because of that we need a leader and our leader here is a human being. Because when we wanna make a good relation with HIM we must treat a good relation also with all of human surround of us.

See Quran (49:2-3):

“O you who have believed, do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet or be loud to him in speech like the loudness of some of you to others, lest your deeds become worthless while you perceive not.”(2)

“Indeed, those who lower their voices before the Messenger of Allah – they are the ones whose hearts Allah has tested for righteousness. For them is forgiveness and great reward.”(3)

So, when any instruction come in to us from our leader who take responsibility of us, do not blame. Because it’s not suitable for believers as Quran (33:36)

 “It is not for a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter, that they should [thereafter] have any choice about their affair. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly strayed into clear error.”

notice :

Hopefully HIM always keep me as HIM believers, and I can keep my loyalty to HIM.amin

AN-Nisa (1-6): Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind,The Sovereign of mankind.The God of mankind, From the evil of the retreating whisperers -Who whispers [evil] into the breasts of mankind from among the jinn and mankind.”

AL-Falaq(1-5): Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak From the evil of that which He created And from the evil of darkness when it settles And from the evil of the blowers in knots And from the evil of an envier when he envies.”

12-03-11: ” Team Work”

“Everything in this universe walk together, they are needed each other and united”

This world which consist of death(rain,sun, moon)  and alive(human, plants, animals) things are work together this is a huge system that Allah made. They work together to make this live walk well.

 As a universe we have our own system in this live that must work together. We have a general purpose to make all of human in this world are united in a truth. In exactly it’s a huge purpose, the main purpose is in our self, when we can make our individualism cover by our patience it’s the real success. We can asked get a perfection when we can catch a surrender. Which is allowance of us to determined our leader and another in our live.


I hope will be defended in the way of my God. This is will be fulfilled not only by our effort but also our surround. So I hope that:

– received every bad or good thing that God give to me with the sincerity.

Al Ikhlas (112:1-5): Say, “He is Allah , [who is] One, Allah , the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent.”


I have a huge impatient, please made this heart house of charity to each other,God. amin

12-05-11: ” Marketing Style from Mouth to Mouth”

Marketing is a way to announce our product to another people. If we use the mouth to mouth marketing that will be effective.Why? this style not need mony at all, different with make a banner, brochure,etc.

This style of market need very essential things they are:

– quality

– condition

– environment

All of this part must show positively….

 Al Masad (111:1-5): May the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined, and ruined is he. His wealth will not avail him or that which he gained. He will [enter to] burn in a Fire of [blazing] flame And his wife [as well] – the carrier of firewood. Around her neck is a rope of [twisted] fiber.

 12-07-11: ” I am a Tiger”

There are any story about a tiger child which found by a sheep. a tiger grow as sheep, eat, do and also voices as a sheep. In a day when any other tiger come being so surprised by a tiger sheep and a tiger ask if the tiger must do as an actually tiger. So they come to water and mirror if a tiger is a tiger.

The story above asked we must understand about potential that we have to be a truly our self and we must know about our self.

 An-Nasser (110:1-3): When the victory of Allah has come and the conquest,And you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in multitudes,Then exalt [Him] with praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of Him. Indeed, He is ever Accepting of repentance.

12-09-11: “Just Stay on Your Way”

In this life we have our destination, and the end of our destination is God.

Prise to Allah which placed me on a right way of life. Him give me an easy way and blessing me till right now. But It’s not mean I will get a good result in the end. What is result in the future that I will get is depend by how I can be survived in this way.

I must keep on a strong thinking and not easy turning by every things which make me feel difficult in this live. This life, family, job, friends and future will be my enemies in reach Him’s bless. The end of this life is depend of my self. Will I got a paradise or otherwise.

I need hand of God which always carry me on this way and keep me on the right way, to just stay on my Way…amin

 Al-Kafirun(109:1-6):Say, “O disbelievers, I do not worship what you worship. Nor are you worshippers of what I worship. Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship. Nor will you be worshippers of what I worship. For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.”

12-12-11: “Milk and Loaf of Bread”


The story line…

One day a young man who get in wet come to protect him self from the rain in front of an old lady house. Old lady open the door and young man asked, ” sorry mum, I hope not disturbed you may I stay here because the hard rain outside?” and the old lady is nod and turn back to her house. Just a moment, she come bring a bowl of hot milk and loaf of bread. She asked,”Please eat and drink it. I just have it, hopefully can warmed your stomach and make you unstarving”.Young man asked,”thank you very much”.

several years later…

Any old lady get in a hard sick. She will get in surgery, after a surgery finished she get in thinking about the fee. Old lady asked, “How much I must pay, nurse?”. The nurse give her a letter which is asked,”Hello mum It’s me a man who you give a bowl of milk and loaf of bread, please don’t think about a fee of this surgery because I am a doctor who did it”. Suddenly the old lady crying and prise to God.

The story above learn us that God always give a response for every causes that we made. We must carefull in this life, because the response is not always sudden after we act. Every act we did as we plant a seed which will any result someday. It’s not only good but also bad one. It’s because God create this life exactly balance.

So hopefully God  guide us on a right way now and next, amin. It so possible if God give us many roles, this is because HIM don’t wanna make us take a wrong way in this life which make us end in a hell. HIM always asked Munkar and Nankir to write everything we did and to response it. We must Ikhlas in  make a good thing (without need suddenly response), and afraid make a bad things.

Al-Infitar(82;1-19); When the sky breaks apart And when the stars fall, scattering, And when the seas are erupted And when the [contents of] graves are scattered, A soul will [then] know what it has put forth and kept back. O mankind, what has deceived you concerning your Lord, the Generous, Who created you, proportioned you, and balanced you? In whatever form He willed has He assembled you. No! But you deny the Recompense. And indeed, [appointed] over you are keepers, Noble and recording; They know whatever you do. Indeed, the righteous will be in pleasure, And indeed, the wicked will be in Hellfire. They will [enter to] burn therein on the Day of Recompense, And never therefrom will they be absent. And what can make you know what is the Day of Recompense? Then, what can make you know what is the Day of Recompense? It is the Day when a soul will not possess for another soul [power to do] a thing; and the command, that Day, is [entirely] with Allah .

12-15-11: “Full of Love Toward Each Other”

“Make a good connection between mankind, next good connection with God”

In this life we can’t joy it by our self. We must shear it with another.  Our relation with another people is a reflection of our feeling to God. We must  clever in placed our position in many area.

It will be different when we have a relation with our friends, parents and also our young brother or sister. In a relation to our parents, it ‘s not only in case of parent that pregnant of us, or our father and mother but also people who older than us we must put a high respect of them. They are placed to us build our humble and obedient.

In a relation to our young brother or sister we must respect them not a prisoner that must do our needed but must treat as somebody who must be protected. In relation to friends we must take a high respect to them, not make them angry or have a enemy to them. 

 Al-Ma’un (107;1-7): Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense?For that is the one who drives away the orphan. And does not encourage the feeding of the poor.So woe to those who pray.[But] who are heedless of their prayer – Those who make show [of their deeds] And withhold [simple] assistance.


Oh god make this heart as a house of love and affection, take away from the nest of hatred and anger. Make me be a forgiving people as You forgive my sins.amin


 12-16-11: “Peaces of Heart”

Storie line…

In a palace life a king who made an announcement that every his citizens to made a picture which draw about a peaces of heart. In a short there are too many picture and the king choose two picture that qualified into his propose before. The first picture is a picture of a beautiful scanary which is quite, deep and beautiful. The second picture is a picture of a valley where show any disaster so there are very dirty, hot  but there are a peacock who still care with their child and rise them in peace. The king choose the second one, why? because the real peace is never disturbed of condition and external disturber, he said.

We can learn that a measurement of our peace is the way our think and our heart. If we still keep on positive way that will be peace, but if keep on negative one it will be negative. Everything from external disturber will not make a peace it’s lose.

 “The differences of The winner and the looser”

The main difference is the winner always surplus of other way, and the looser surplus of any reason.

We must have a winner soul, even though couldn’t be a winner every time. We must not blame to persons, conditions, etc. We must looking for an other way to find out a solve of our problem. It’s a different when we blame to an other and looking for a reason of failure it will make us down and be a looser every time.

“a winner always looking for an answer of a problem but a looser always looking for a problem as an answer”


I hope HIM always give me a peace of heart to face this rush world, No doubt with HIM greatness and hope HIM give me a soul of winner to cover me from blaming an other and condition. This live is very hard to follow, but isn’t mean I can’t.Blessing me God.amin 

Al-Kawthar(108;1-3): Indeed, We have granted you, [O Muhammad], al-Kawthar. So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone]. Indeed, your enemy is the one cut off.

 12-19-11: “Five attitude that picture on Five glasses”

In this live God give us too many reason for study about many things deeply. On this chapter we will learn about mankind attitude in comparing with condition of glasses:

First is a glass which is closed.

This kind of person is an introvert person which closed his/her heart to accepted other person opinion. This person will always think another person who is over then him as an enemy. This person’s heart is full of envy.

Second is a glass which is full.

This kind of person is always stay with his own opinion or idea. He/She will never hear an other person opinion. This kind of person will live and build his own way and ignore an other one.

Third is a broken glass.

This kind of person is can hear an other person idea. Unfortunately, his or her minus of physically or mentality make him very difficult to do a right way.

Fourth is a glass which fill by a dirt.

This kind of person is a kind of person which always have a negative thinking with an other person. His heart fill by dirt , so every goodness come to him will be rejected and will be rejected automatically.

Five is an empty glass.

This kind of person is a person which always open him heart to every knowledge an a good idea which come into him.

Quraysh (106;1-4): For the accustomed security of the Quraysh their accustomed security [in] the caravan of winter and summer Let them worship the Lord of this House,Who has fed them, [saving them] from hunger and made them safe, [saving them] from fear.


Hopefully I will be an empty glass which accepted a goodness easy. Hope God always set me in a far away of badness…amin


12-31-11: “Six wise act on six questions from “

There are six questions that have a deep meaning to us as a learning:

First, what is nearest thing to human in this world? ans.breath

–> Why? Because our breath is a chance to us that HIM give to us. it is also mean that we can do many things with our breath

Second, what is farest thing to human in this world? ans.past

–> Why? Because people can go to the moon or meaby sun someday but people can repeat the past. it’s mean we must do good things in our live and create a good past right now.

Third, what is biggest thing to human in this world? ans.

Fourth, what is eassyest thing to human in this world? ans.smille

–> Why? because this kind of thing isn’t need a money to buy or energy to did. You just give your willingness to do that. It’s a lightest things in the world.

Fifth, what is sharpest thing to human in this world? ans.strength of fighting

–> Why? Because our strength of fighting we can do something look like so imposible. Sometime our time right now is an imposible one.

sixth, what is hardest thing to human in this world? ans.cann’t be believed

 Quran(105:5)Al-Fil:”Have you not considered, [O Muhammad], how your Lord dealt with the companions of the elephant?Did He not make their plan into misguidance?Did He not make their plan into misguidance?And He sent against them birds in flocks,Striking them with stones of hard clay,And He made them like eaten straw.”


01-23-12: “Being Wise Today”

This is the story line…

an old man who is so poor have a white horse. His horse has been bargain by a rich people but he don’t give it. In a several day after he have lost his horse, every people surround him ask for a pitiful, he only keep on quiet. In a several day after the horse is back with five horse other, then people surround him asked if he is so lucky. Then when his boy have learned riding a horse he fall down and get injury, so people surround him asked ouch how pity of you. After that there are any war that make all of boy there must go out to war, because a boy get injury he don’t go to war, suddenly people say the person is so lucky.

In the story above we can take a conclusion that “don’t make easy conclusion about something happened in front of us, because God have HIM own plan that best in us. We must not worried about a difficulties that facing us in front of us.

Become a wise person is the only answer to cover every bad feeling that come out from our mind, just follow ure heart.

 Quran(104:1-9) Al-Humazah:” Woe to every scorner and mocker Who collects wealth and [continuously] counts it.He thinks that his wealth will make him immortal. No! He will surely be thrown into the Crusher. And what can make you know what is the Crusher? It is the fire of Allah , [eternally] fueled, Which mounts directed at the hearts. Indeed, Hellfire will be closed down upon them In extended columns.”


01-27-12: “Praise to God and being Happy”

Story come on that condition…

Once upon in a time there are a rich people who have many activities from morning until the night. He is name is Arman. He thought if his life is unhappy because he just replay a same activities every day.

Someday Arman decided to go out from his daily activities and go out as a poor people. In a traditional market he meet a boy who very angry with him self because he have a hard work but he can’t be as rich as other. In an other place he meet a rich people who also angry to his employee.

Arman continued his journey until he reach a river in jungle. Arman want to lied down his body because he feel so tiered. Suddenly he hear a boy asked, 

Thanks God, today you give me an opportunity to finish my job well”. Arman see a poor boy who is want to take a rest.

 The boy asked: “Come on Mr. take a rest over there, that is more comfortable one”.

Arman asked :” How could you so look like very happy and what things that make you too much price of God?

The boy asked: ” I am happy because I have prise to God that I still can do my responsibility well. If we took a prise, even though, we were get nothing we will be happy

Arman be aware if he might need more prise to God to reach a happiness as the boy catch.


There  we can conclude we must prise to God every opportunity HIM gave to us by do our responsibility well and doing something right to our environment and people surround of us. Every positive things we have done is impact to our self.


Al-Quran(Al-Asr.103:1-3):”By time, Indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.”


 01-27-12: “establishing”

This life is a process to establish our mental and mature. We can catch a learn from every minutes flow in this life. That is a time that hopefully make full our faith to God. That a time to plant a right concepts in our heart. This is not only need by a learning time but we must conduct our self to be humble, reject wrong concepts, and be strength by control our self emotion.

 Quran (At-Takāthur.102;1-8): Competition in [worldly] increase diverts you, Until you visit the graveyards.No! You are going to know. Then no! You are going to know. No! If you only knew with knowledge of certainty…You will surely see the Hellfire.Then you will surely see it with the eye of certainty.Then you will surely be asked that Day about pleasure.


 01-29-12: “Spirit, Determination and Patience “

This is one of exemplary point needed. In this place we can defense our self in the faith and also defense an other by give in exemplary to an other.

We will not reject a tiered in a life when we show our:

– motivated our self and other in a right concepts

– make a good control on anger

– positive thinking

All of thing we need to keep our self in faith and save our positive thinking in God.

Al Quran (Al Qariah(101:1-11)) ;”The Striking Calamity that is the Striking Calamity?And what can make you know what is the Striking Calamity?It is the Day when people will be like moths, dispersed,And the mountains will be like wool, fluffed up. Then as for one whose scales are heavy [with good deeds], He will be in a pleasant life. But as for one whose scales are light,His refuge will be an abyss. And what can make you know what that is?It is a Fire, intensely hot.”


 01-31-2012 : ” Become a Helper family of Allah Religion”

We life in a placed when there any role to be obeyed. It’s God admitted us to pick in humble of our parents and friends. God wanting after we have a family we were not limit our participate in build God religion. It is not mean God need our help. We must prove to HIM if we truly love HIM.

Al Quran (Al-Adiyat 100(1-11):” By the racers, panting, And the producers of sparks [when] striking. And the chargers at dawn, Stirring up there by [clouds of] dust, Arriving thereby in the center collectively, Indeed mankind, to his Lord, is ungrateful. And indeed, he is to that a witness. And indeed he is, in love of wealth, intense. But does he not know that when the contents of the graves are scattered And that within the breasts is obtained, Indeed, their Lord with them, that Day, is [fully] Acquainted.

02-02-2012 : ” Make hole on your heart”

This is the story line…

a young man name Armand feel unhappy with his life. Even though he so rich, handsome and powerful. He went out to find a source of happiness. He found a father who laugh of his daughters.

Armand asked : “what’s your happiness source, sir?”

A man asked : ” Just take a look all of the children you will find out.”

Armand asked : “ok.thanks”

Without any certain answer Armand go out. He find a flute maker who smile to him. Armand stopped his walk and ask to the man

Armand asked : “what’s your happiness source, sir?”

A man asked : ” Just take a look this flute.there are any hole,isn’t?.”

Armand asked : “That isn’t point I asked you sir.I just wanna know what make you feel happy???”

A man asked : “Don’t be angry first young man. This flute is consist of holes which is create many beautiful voice on it that make every people happy to listen it.  A source of happiness is a prise to God. how could we prise to God is by make a hole on your heart.”

By make a hole in our heart it is mean we open our mind. Our sadness feeling will come from a negative thinking that cause we closed our mind. By open our mind we will accept every conditions we get from our God, even though it is good or bad. Our acceptance is a source of  our prise to God that make us happy.


God, please make as much as can holes on my heart, to make me understand about life and mean you give to me.  

Quran(Al-Zalzalah(99:1-8)): “When the earth is shaken with its [final] earthquake And the earth discharges its burdens And man says, “What is

with it?” that Day, it will report its news Because your Lord has commanded it. That Day, the people will depart separated [into categories] to be shown [the result of] their deeds. So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it, And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.”

02-08-2012 : “an Other Gender”

In this world God will give us many kind of conditions. There will be something good or bad. That conditions will come from our family, wealth, job and an other gender of us. I am a women so I will talk about a man as an exam that God dive to us.

As a women I must take them as a part of our live that will be found surround of me. We don’t react in a much act to them. When they show about their responsibility, maturity and maybe wealthy. It is because God love to us are too much if must be compared with them. It one of the reason that we must not love something then anything.


Hopefully God always keep me on Him way and I always can do HIM commands. I hope God give me a clear sign of a couple of the future life.

Quran(Al-Bayyinah:98(1-8)): “Those who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture and the polytheists were not to be parted [from disbelief] until there came to them clear evidence – A Messenger from Allah , reciting purified scriptures Within which are correct writings. Nor did those who were given the Scripture become divided until after there had come to them clear evidence. And they were not commanded except to worship Allah , [being] sincere to Him in religion, inclining to truth, and to establish prayer and to give zakat. And that is the correct religion. Indeed, they who disbelieved among the People of the Scripture and the polytheists will be in the fire of Hell, abiding eternally therein. Those are the worst of creatures. Indeed, they who have believed and done righteous deeds – those are the best of creatures. Their reward with Allah will be gardens of perpetual residence beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever, Allah being pleased with them and they with Him. That is for whoever has feared his Lord.”

02-14-2012 : “Militanism to God “

We need walk on the way of God which is consist of many rules that must be obeyed. There are three ways to show our militanism:

1. Obey the rules without reserve

2. Wanna pass away to protect our faith to God

3. Ready to catch a punishment when we did  not obey the rules.

That three rules look like simple but need to be applied in our live a long of the time to prove our faith to God.

Al Quran (AL-Qadar:97:1-5):” Indeed, We sent the Qur’an down during the Night of Decree,And what can make you know what is the Night of Decree? The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter. Peace it is until the emergence of dawn.”

02-26-2012 : “Cut off lizard tail”


Story line…

This is a lizard that run away from a tiger that wanna eat him. He cut off his tail when his tail catched by the tiger. Actually he feel very sad and broken but he praise to God because he has that kind way to survive his life from many kinds of wild animals which wanna eat him.

A lizard feel so aware to be mature he must left out a hurting phase in his live such as a phase when he must cut off his tail that would make him botn to be something new. That will also happend in a human being. When we wanna born into somebody new we will face to many trials and exam had gave by God to make us as somebody new.

Al Quran (Al-Alaq,96:1-19): Recite in the name of your Lord who created -Created man from a clinging substance.Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous -Who taught by the pen -Taught man that which he knew not.No! [But] indeed, man transgresses Because he sees himself self-sufficient.Indeed, to your Lord is the return.Have you seen the one who forbids A servant when he prays?  Have you seen if he is upon guidance Or enjoins righteousness? Have you seen if he denies and turns away – Does he not know that Allah sees? No! If he does not desist, We will surely drag him by the forelock A lying, sinning forelock. Then let him call his associates; We will call the angels of Hell. No! Do not obey him. But prostrate and draw near [to Allah ].

source of holy Quran :






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