AM I Ready ?

This is simple question but difficult to answer right now. Am I ready with all of differences with him ? Am I ready with bad (unconditionally) thing future? Am I ready ….am I…am I,,………   The answer is only CRying …I know God LOVE me more than I understand about LOVE…. Nobody can be compared … Continue reading


LOVE story is begin.   I am 27 years old *oh God thank you for blessing me till this age* This is an age when I have promise to marriage. Since my friends asked me ” what age I will marriage? 27 always be my answer” You know why??? I don’t know sure. I think … Continue reading

SADness and HAPPIness will come in a Pacage

The tittle is a sentence that l believe in a few years ago. We can feel so sad and happy in a time together, without separated the meaning both of them. The simple sample is when somebody has a birthday, she will feel so happy because of too many gifts she get, but at the … Continue reading

Holiday with my lovely causin and nephew

This is a moment that I am waiting for so long. Spent my holiday with my beloved family. No special reasons there but it was a time that we can joy and share many kinds of happiness. First with my handsome one: Enjoy scanary in the BRIGIF,…and feel the fresh air breath with sunset view. … Continue reading

English is Fun (4): ENGLISH ANAGRAM

English is Fun (3): PUZZLE

English is Fun (2): IRREGULER VERBS

English is Fun (1): Public Place and Profession

Laboratories : Past, Now and Future

Laboratories are a place where we can practice a theory we have been learn. I know about laboratories since I have been Junior High School (SMP), Senior High School, learn in polytechnic till now teach in polytechnic. In The Past Time…  I was a student when I knew and entered a laboratory. I studied at SMP N … Continue reading

Marriage, Infidelity and Divorce

I wanna trying give my opinion about three kinds role of life that todays be a warmly topics. Even though I am not ever did it yet, so lets you know any opinions from people who is see, listen and watch about it. Who is that ? It is Me..^_^.   “I Think I wanna Marry … Continue reading

  • Trying To Be Consisten

    Let's make your self consistance in over view, and carefuly in manage emotion..:))

  • Thank You

    I just wanna say thank to every people surround of me who gave me many new knowledge that build my mature...^-^
  • Sorry ….

    I am sorry for every mistake I made in every time I passed away...
  • Please Help Me…

    I am a beginer in a writing a blog need too many your help as a reader by leave your comments here. Your comments will be an equipment to build my knowledge.