English is Fun (4): ENGLISH ANAGRAM


English is Fun (3): PUZZLE

English is Fun (2): IRREGULER VERBS

English is Fun (1): Public Place and Profession

Deutch: Lesson 5

               Today we will finish learning pronouns (I, you, etc.), and start to learn about eating, drinking, and telling people what you like. The German verb ‘to like’ is ‘mögen’. To say ‘I like’ you say ‘Ich mag’. Say the German word for ‘like’ (remember, you can type oe instead of ö).  The German word … Continue reading

Deutch : Lesson 4

In this lesson we will be introduced with numbers 1-10 and a short dialogue / review. As usually we do, before we learn more here we go with review of previous lesson: – Hallo (in casual way) – Hallo (in uncasual way) – Good morning – Good Evening – My name is Lin – You … Continue reading

Deutch : Lesson 3

       Introduce another people (ex.your friends, boy or girl friends, etc.), what is that (asking about something), gender(make a differentiate about male and female), and the forms and uses of ‘the’. As usually before we steps more far here we go to check about previous lesson. It’s the check points we make (just wriete): – … Continue reading

Deutch : Lessson 2

           In this lesson we will learn about Ask how someone is, and where they come from. Before we continue this lesson We must ensure that we have really understand about first lesson. So check it out…. greeting: Hallo (on formal case)…? Hallo (on informal case)…? Good morning…? Good evening…? Good bye…? introduce: How to … Continue reading

Deutch: Lesson 1

All off this deutch lessons taken from PopUlearn.com. I just wanna recorded what I have been learned over here…. In this lesson we will learn about greeting and The way of Introduceing our self to another people. Before we talk in a deep lesson it’s truely important to notice, In deutch it’s very crucial when … Continue reading

내 신체의 일부 “nae shin che ui il bu “

Bagian – Bagian Tubuh Kita Kepala :    meo – li Telinga :  gwi Kening :  i – ma Mata :  nun Hidung : ko Mulut :  ib Leher :  mog Bahu : eo – kkae Lengan : pal Tangan : son Dada : ga – seum Pinggul  : heo – li Lutut : mu leup kaki … Continue reading

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