Let’s tell about your feeling today:


“The hottest issue is about city defeat by Napoli, they make any war to me because I am a big fan of Manchester City. Actually I like Mr.RM spirit, He asked “It’s not over yet”, and how captain react that ” We have another chance”…

It was second misery in this week because my national football team also defeat by a neighbour in a Seagames final. We must trust if GOD give us what we need not what we want, just be patient to wait and welcome of new glory time for us”

Pict1. Pers conference

I think Kun follow his son and Mancio get injury in his tongue.So what do you think???

11-25-11 :

I have plan to come home today, after work. I am so missed my two cousin and nephew, how they look like now???.

Pic2.On Bachelor graduate celebration 07-16-11

 I don’t understand why I have a bad feeling since yesterday night. Hopefully nothing worst come in, if is it truly come I hope I am truly ready for it, don’t understand with this condition. I am waiting for  something must come in an exactly every month…

One hope for this week, I hope God blessed Manchester city, and they get a three-point this sunday. They will face a hard month this after all…:)Hopefully everything okay.


Happy, because I have met my brother family. My cousins growth very well. Huda has a kinder garden B stage right now. Rahma has been a play group student . Hopefully everything gonna be okay.

sadly I got a disses right now. An infection in my tongue, very hurt cannot make me feel okay to going work on monday. On monday I got bed rest. Yesterday night I also watched any misery game.

Pict3.Hart is truly a savior

My favorite club gets draw result when come to Anfield. Exactly it’s not my truly injured because my friend will do to bully me about it. In this game there are many kinds happened. First is Lescott own goal this is weird because happened only two minutes after Vincent make a goal to Liverpool. Second is Balotelli red car, how could it so weird because he have played 10 minutes before that two yellow cards (which is mean red card). Third is awesome of Joe Hart who make a brilliant save, He proven if he is the best goal keeper in a Britain.


Alhamdulillah, pray to God we can end the jix for almost 36 years. It’s first victory on Emirate stadium city can move forward into aquarter of final Carling cup after beat Arsenal with 0-1.

Almost Arsenal fans say, their team just cover by second line team. If we look into that Manchester city also cover not fulfil team as usually I asked “Lapis Legit” team. Which is consists of Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Toure, Onuoha, Savic, Hargreaves (Razak 79), De Jong, Kolarov (Aguero 31), Johnson, Nasri, Dzeko.

Pic4. a nice tem work born a class goal

Thanks for a goal of Kun in 83rd minutes. Hopefully we can bring the trophy home to add our collection and also to make our optimism as a winning team…


Today I read a soccer news and feel so happy here it is the link:



It’s quietly a happy news, but actually City must show Liverpool again in semi-final Carling cup made me build a high optimism and strength. Came on City you can do that. ..:))


Today, there are any motor accident front of me, thanks God give me a worn to more safety in ride a motor cycle. Hopefully will not any mistake in the future. Something that misunderstand here are there are any policies in front of the accident How could they just standing without doing nothing there.

Today rainy in the morning, so I understand why God wake me up so early. HIM wanna me come to office without wet because of rain. Alhamdulillah…


Today start with something bad. I am not feel okay. This is because I have any problem with some one surround me, all of thing come from a satisfaction that I am not get here. I don’t wanna him to do my job but asked for something reward in a future…

Beside thah exacly prise to God for a victory tat MCFC get in asaturday night. Hopefully it will be continued until the end of season. Congratulation for 5-1 winning after Norwich, keep on fight to make a Munich defeat on the UCL….


Have no specified feeling of today…

  12-(06 s.d 11)-11:

This is a hard week because city can enter 16 big in UCL. Many of my friends asked me a joke which is hurting and disappointing…

well, this season  in UCL got a failure but I belive God has any good moment in another competition. Hopefully we still take a good chance in this season and win many tropies on it…:))

Today I choose a UEFA team of the year this is my team:

Pic.UEFA team of the year by me

From Right:

Coach : Jurgen Klopp ; the other my fav coach from Borusia Dortmund (‘coz there aren’t uncle Roberto in an option)

Forwar2: RVP(Robin Van Persie), ; one of my fav player in Arsenal

Forward1: Kun Aguero_Citizens

left midfield : don’t know

attacking  midfield : David Silva_Citizen

central midfield: Yaya Toure_Citizen

right midfield: Mario Gotze; it’s BVB player hopefully not move to EPL club except City…:)

left back: Eric Abidal; Barca player who have a high loyality..i like him

cantral defender : Thiago Silva; because I have no other option

central defender: (C) Vincent Commpany_Citizens

right defender: don’t know

goal keeper: Joe Hart_Citizens

Tomorrow will be any big match between Chelsea vs Man.City, I hope City get full point……amin. Need much hand of God to help….:)


Sad because man.City loose on the big match.



13-01-12 “Happy birthday Mum”

January, this is month when many people who I love have been birthday. First 6th is David Silva. Happy birthday 26 old years dear you are a best player now, hopefully ure going to be mature and you will get well from the injury soon. Hopefully will reach many trophies this season. amin

Second, is my mum birthday. It is today. Hopefully every year in a past, now and future will be blessed by God. I hope you get an easy way and stay to pray in me…Happy Birthday 55 years old mum, Love you forever.

Third, for my closed friend since senior high school, Lisa. Happy birthday in 22nd of january. I write its earlier because  I afraid if I have forgotten to shout it. Hopefully reach every best wishes you have been made on this year.(I supposed you have been made it). Pray for your happy long live guys. Happy birthday 24 years old pals.

2 Responses to “Heart”
  1. wew….anda berhasil menjadi ornrang pertama yang memberikan do’a untuk meyambut usiaku yang ke 24 th…

    Usia yang seharusnya sudah cukup matang…tp pada kenyataannya aku tetap saja seperti ini

    makasih atas doanya kk guru
    aku tetap menanti banyak ilmu darimu…tuk jadi insan yg lebih baik

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