You have to watch these “Blue” films

Hmmm, till this age I have watching too many movies. Young blue is quitly show up their fascinating points that have been emagine by peoplw before. This colour show up a beauty, power, love and awareness. Deep, calm and actually warm this is kind of blue will spread of their love to the audience. After me to look … Continue reading

Laboratories : Past, Now and Future

Laboratories are a place where we can practice a theory we have been learn. I know about laboratories since I have been Junior High School (SMP), Senior High School, learn in polytechnic till now teach in polytechnic. In The Past Time…  I was a student when I knew and entered a laboratory. I studied at SMP N … Continue reading

Owel City Lyrics : All Things Bright and Beautiful

It was an other Adam young Songs and albums whch is tittled as all things are bright and beautiful:   KAMIKAZE The princess in her flower bed Pulled the jungle underground Where cherry bombs stained the blackbirds red And explosions never make a sound Oh comet, come down Kamikaze over me And I come alive My … Continue reading

Marriage, Infidelity and Divorce

I wanna trying give my opinion about three kinds role of life that todays be a warmly topics. Even though I am not ever did it yet, so lets you know any opinions from people who is see, listen and watch about it. Who is that ? It is Me..^_^.   “I Think I wanna Marry … Continue reading

Balotelli on My eyes..

           MARIO BALOTELLI   I give my idea here isn’t mean asked every act he made is something right. I just wanna make it clear, we must not judge someone is worth just because whole of the world asked the same. It’s also not because I am a citizen.   Between a Saint and Sinner   I will start … Continue reading

Jantung : Penyakit Jantung Koroner ;PJK [1]

A. Definisi : Penyakit yang terjadi akibat tersumbatnya pembuluh darah arteri koroner. B. Penyebab: – Hipertensi – Kolesterol tinggi – Merokok – Diabetes Militus – Obesitas – Genetik – Kurang Olahraga – Alkohol berlebihan – Stress C. Gejala: – Rasa tertekan – Rasa sakit yang menjalar – Rasa sakit terus – menerus (20 menit) – … Continue reading

Lyrics : OwlCity_OceanEyes

  Pic 1.Ocean Eyes Album Cover Contains of albums:  Cave In, The bird and the woman, Hello Seatle, Umbrella Beach, The Satwater Room, Dental Care, Meteor Shower, On the Wing, Fireflies, The Tip of Iceberg, Vanila Twilight, Tidal Wave, If my heart was a House. I have an album ocean eyes mp3 here they are … Continue reading

Owl City and Adam Young

This is my new favourite musician (who made a music and sing by him self). His voice quietly calm and deep, sometime remain me to Daniel Powter, He had him own character which make me melting enough in listening his music. His music genre is Electric, Pop. It make me turn into Pop after R n B … Continue reading

Industrial Electricity: Installation [1]

This is part one of the installation object. In this first part object, we will learn how to installed an electricity project from the simple one case. This installation will be consists of: – Serial installation – Parallel installation – Serial and parallel in a installation – installation of a control  lamp from two different places – installation … Continue reading

Industrial Electricity: Installation [2]

3 Phase Induction Motor controller  This is second part of installation but I try to write first because any training program that must be held before the time. In this part of discussion we will trying more deeply about induction motors, any components that commonly used in it, and induction controller of 3 phases motors.    A. Induction Motors … Continue reading

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